Madrid Protocol Trademark Registration

Using the Madrid Protocol to Protect Your Trademark Internationally

Do you have international ambitions for your business? Are you looking to expand the impact of your goods or services across different markets? Are you anxious about protecting your trademark outside U.S. borders? The Madrid Protocol offers a centralized, easy and efficient way to apply for trademark protection in ninety-seven countries. This article discusses the benefits of the Madrid Protocol, the application process, and some disadvantages.  Read more

trademark registration

Trademark Registration: Benefits of Registering Your Trademark

Are you searching for a way to distinguish your business and protect the essence of what makes your company unique? Federal or state trademark registration can be an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to leverage brand recognition and reputation. This posts outlines the basics of trademark and benefits of trademark registration for your trademark.  Read more

trademark search process

Our Trademark Search Process

Many of our clients reach out to us to assist them with trademark protection. They want to know about the process for registering their name, logo, or slogan with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This article provides an overview of how we advise our clients on clearing a mark for trademark protection prior to the application, and how we approach the trademark application with the USPTO.  Read more