Terms of Use Legally Binding

When Are Terms of Use Legally Binding?

You’ve done it many times before… you click the box that says “click to agree to our Terms of Use” (and let’s be real – you didn’t read it). Does that check box create a legally binding agreement? What about when companies just post a terms of use and you never click on the link for those “agreements”? This article discusses the question: “when are terms of use legally binding agreements?” The short answer is that terms of use are legally binding when the user has sufficient notice of the fact that he/she is agreeing to the terms of use. Read more

privacy policy template

Dangers of Using a Privacy Policy Template

As a technology company that collects personal information from customers, the temptations for using a privacy policy template that you find online is understandable. You need a privacy policy to communicate to your users that you are committed to their privacy, you need it fast, and you’re worried that hiring a lawyer would cost you too much at this early stage of your company. The truth is, using a privacy policy template from a similar company carries more risk than benefits.

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