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FTC v. Wyndham: The FTC Has Authority to Regulate Cybersecurity Breaches

In an historic decision with wide-reaching ramifications for data privacy and security, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the Federal Trade Commission’s authority to regulate cyberspace under the “unfair and deceptive acts” provision in § 5 of the FTC Act (FTC v. Wyndham).  Read more

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Demystifying Privacy Law: FTC Data Privacy Enforcement

Unlike many countries in the world, the United States does not have one regulatory agency with authority to monitor and enforce data privacy violations. The U.S. uses a sectoral model of data privacy protection, using a variety of enforcement mechanisms. One of those enforcement mechanisms–and perhaps the predominant one–is the Federal Trade Commission, or the FTC, which acts as a watchdog to protect against data privacy violations. It can bring lawsuits for “unfair practices” or “deceptive practices” for many violations, including breaches of a data controller’s privacy policy. What is the source of FTC data privacy enforcement, and how does it go about enforcing data privacy? This article provides an overview of FTC’s power, contemporary issues of FTC enforcement, and potential hotspots for data privacy-related government litigation.  Read more