First Employee

Hiring Your First Employee? Ten Questions You Need to Answer

Congratulations! Your business is growing, and you’re ready to hire your first employee. You’ve moved beyond the legal netherworld of independent contracting, and it’s time to establish a formal employee relationship. This article will help you answer some common questions that tend to percolate around hiring your first employee. Read more

hiring interns risky business

Hiring Interns is Risky Business: Lesson from Condé Nast and Fox

As a startup or small business, hiring interns seems appealing. You need the help but don’t have the budget to pay an employee. And the intern gets valuable experience and training. It’s a win-win, right? Not quite. Hiring interns as a for-profit business can carry a lot of risk.

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Employee vs Independent Contractor

What is the Difference Between Employees vs Independent Contractors?

Good news… your business or organization has more work than you can handle on your own!  Now it’s time to hire some help.  But before you dive in, there are important issues to consider in terms of the laws that will apply to employees vs independent contractors. Read more