alternative dispute resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution for Startups: Mediation and Arbitration

Litigation has long been the de facto solution for companies that find themselves mired in legal conflict. However, court-sanctioned squabbling comes with spiraling costs, tremendous time investments, and a healthy dose of acrimony that can destroy business and personal relationships. For new and emerging businesses with little funds to spend on the legal battlefield, alternative dispute resolution can play an important role. Alternative dispute resolution can offer cheaper, faster, and healthier alternatives to traditional litigation. This article provides a brief overview of popular alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and explains how to select a course of action that’s right for you and your new venture.  Read more

Important Contract Terms

Important Contract Terms for Service Agreements

A contract for services serves several important purposes. It establishes legal rights and obligations of each party to the contract, sets out the expectations for each party, and addresses how issues that may arise will be handled. But in order for the contract to effectively serve these goals, it must include the appropriate terms (also known as clauses, sections, provisions, etc.). Below is a list of ten important contract terms that should be considered in every contract for services. Note that this list is not in not in any particular order, and it is not an exhaustive list of contract terms to be included in a service contract. In addition, some terms may go by different names; what is important is not the name used for the contract term but its legal effect.

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