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Nonprofit Lobbying Laws

A common misconception is that 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations cannot engage in legislative advocacy, or lobbying. While nonprofit lobbying laws strictly prohibit tax-exempt nonprofit organizations from supporting or contributing to a political candidate, they do not entirely prohibit them from lobbying.

Can Nonprofits Sell Products to Generate Revenue?

Nonprofit organizations are finding it more and more challenging to access much needed capital to carry out their mission-related activities. With increasing competition for a decreasing supply of grants from institutions and the government, nonprofits have had to get creative by turning to alternative sources of funding, including crowd source funding among others. You may […]

Nonprofit Crowdfunding Laws

Crowd source funding, or crowdfunding, is an innovative method for businesses and organizations to raise small amounts of money from a large base of individuals. Crowdfunding is particularly helpful for nonprofit organizations, as it allows them to carry out their programmatic activities without being heavily reliant on donations and grants from wealthy individuals, institutions, and […]