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Benefit Corporations Raising Venture Capital

B Lab, the nonprofit responsible for the passage of benefit corporation statutes in over 30 states (as of the writing of this post), has released a report on the status of venture capital raised by benefit corporations. While skepticism remains among the entrepreneurial and investors communities around the ability of benefit corporations to raise traditional […]

Our Trademark Search Process

Many of our clients reach out to us to assist them with trademark protection. They want to know about the process for registering their name, logo, or slogan with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This article provides an overview of how we advise our clients on clearing a mark for trademark protection prior to the […]

Typical Startup Structure

Startups often ask us how a typical startup is structured. While there are plenty of free and affordable resources for various forms, they don’t provide much guidance on what forms to use and why. In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to structuring a startup. Each is unique in its needs. Still, there are some […]

Is Convertible Equity Better Than Convertible Note and Preferred Stock?

Convertible equity has gained popularity in Silicon Valley after Y Combinator made its Simple Agreement for Future Equity (or “SAFE”) available for free and used it for all of its startups. Since then, 500 Startups followed suit with its affectionately-named KISS document. The intent in creating the convertible equity was to provide a better tool–compared to the convertible note […]

Common California Securities Exemptions for Startups

When issuing “securities,” it is necessary to pay attention to state “blue sky” laws, in addition to federal securities laws. If you are relying on a federal exemption that does not preempt state laws, then you have to make sure that a state exemption applies to the debt or equity transaction as well. This article describes the common California securities […]

Common Federal Securities Exemptions for Small Businesses

If you offer securities for sale, the federal securities laws require you to register the securities with the Securities Exchange Commission unless an exemption applies. But what are some of the common federal securities exemptions that may apply to your business as you start raising money or giving equity to your employees?

Dangers of Using a Privacy Policy Template

As a technology company that collects personal information from customers, the temptations for using a privacy policy template that you find online is understandable. You need a privacy policy to communicate to your users that you are committed to their privacy, you need it fast, and you’re worried that hiring a lawyer would cost you too […]

Program Related Investment

Program related investment–or PRI–is a potential source of funding for both nonprofits and for-profit social enterprises. A program related investment is an investment made by a tax-exempt private foundation that furthers the foundation’s charitable purpose while providing the foundation with a potential for financial return. The popularity of the program related investment is on the rise, but […]