Who We Are

SPZ is a Bay Area business law firm that was founded on the belief that business can be a tool for powerful social and environmental change. We provide outside general counsel services to startups and small businesses on a range of business law matters including incorporation, compliance with securities and employment law, intellectual property protection, and drafting and review of business contracts.

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Our Value Proposition

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so we understand the unique relationship between business and law. Our value proposition derives from creative thinking to help you accomplish your business goals while maintaining compliance with the law. Not all businesses have the same exposure to risk, and not all entrepreneurs have the same appetite for risk. By taking the time to get to know you and your goals, we can focus on strategic risk management that works for your unique business.

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Our Promises


We promise to be prompt and concise in our communications. You will hear from us regularly, but no more than you need to. And we promise to be transparent in our billing so there is never a surprise.


We understand how important your business is to you and how critical it is to get everything right. That is why we promise to never sacrifice quality, regardless of the size of the project.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the budgetary challenges you face at the early stages of your business. While we will never sacrifice the quality of our work, we promise to make every effort to minimize your legal costs so you can focus on growing your business.

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What Entrepreneurship Means to Us

Our understanding of what entrepreneurship means is critical to what we do. To us, it is about:

      • Creativity
      • Leadership
      • Problem solving
      • Making an impact

Whether you consider yourself a small entrepreneur or a big dreamer, there are numerous challenges to success. The more time you spend thinking about compliance, the less time you have to spend on growing your business.

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